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ill pretend to want and think of what we could be

..what liars we can be..

The Jersey Underground
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well this is a community for Jersey Residents who listen to underground music.
To talk about what ever. To join please post with this title "Add Me" and the form below the rules, with the questions bolded.

1. Dont apply if u dont reside in jersey.
2. Dont apply if u dont support your undergound local bands.
3. Dont apply without pictures of yourself.
4. Dont apply if your under the age of 13.
5. Put everything under an Lj cut.
6. Dont post gay post.
7. Have Fun.

1 Name:
2. Age:
3. Nj Town:
4. Sex:
5. Top 10 favorite bands:
6. 5 movies:
7. favorite book (i know you fuckin' hardcore kids dont read):
8. thing about yourself:
.:just.. do it:.
9. invite people:
10. were you invited here?by who?:
11. do you smoke?:
12. what local bands do you listen to and support?:
13. 2 or more pictures of yourself:
mod number two: