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i've kinda got too many favorite songs.. but AT THIS MOMENT..its.


Slowly we peel away the layers, and the light seeps through the cracks. You whispered softly in my ear, "The birth of morning's upon us,dear." the bandages fell upon the floor.  &there was no one in that room.&there was no one in that room. And its quiet downt he hallway, where the doctors wash their hands. Behind my eyes i feel the hollow jabs of your morphine kiss. You anesthetic name is autographed upon my bones. This reception died in vein. This reception died in vein. In Vain. This reception died in vein. In vein. This reception died in vein. A tarnished angel leaves her ghost on the surface. A jealous daughter starves to death, for the mother, as I awaited your return. I wait for your return. It seems the only way i'll ever feel alive. Throw myself into my injuries and close my eyes. I'd give anything to feel alive. &iwill wait for you tonight. I will, I wait for you tonight. This scapel carves a map for you. This scapel carves a map for you.


oh yeah, this just in. Mike told me from anonymous sources, he's got proof & evidence and good sources to back him up, that Kev was cheated on me during his lovely little vacation in California. He could've at least waited until he was completely moved and would never see me again. but that bitchface happens to be coming back, tomorrow. Fuckhead hoeface. Its okay though, becuase I was waiting until he was completely out of my life.. but you know, now I dont fuckin' care about the little bugga. :) oh yeah& i talked to him today and we're no longer exchanging "I love you"'s. Yes, I started the stopping. I am no longer in terrible love with him. Im now dreamily in like with Alex. OH YEAH I JUST REMEMBERD!! If anyone wants Forever we fall pins, I'll gladly get them for you. They're only 50cents, so ill just pay for them for you and send  'em to you :). deal? just tell me if you want one.<3

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o yeah look at me ive got annonamous sources and u dont adn i also have proff hahah bo ya bizatch im good
I'll take one ^_^
i kinda like the tune even though i'm not much a fan of the screaming. i dont know, don't yell at me. i do, however like the guitar the guitarist from that band uses.
which guitarist???
are we talking about the bled or forever we fall?
hahahahahahhahahahahahah the bled silly